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About  RUKER Waterbeds

About RUKER Waterbeds

With the core value of people oriented, RUKER grows with the latest technology and always provides products that best suit your needs. Quality, health, safety and environmental all are included in RUKER’s principles. We value your health always. Take the next step and experience better sleep today.



  • Water mattress for athletes

    Water mattress for athletes

    Now the water mattress is more and more widely used in the world of sport. For athletes, sleep isn’

  • Water mattress and pregnancy

    Water mattress and pregnancy

    A pregnant woman can lie more comfortably on her stomach and side on the water mattress. The floatin

  • Air mattress benefit

    Air mattress benefit

    Convenient: An air mattress can easily be moved. It can be folded and you can carry it wherever you


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