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Nature rubber water mattress

Brand : RUKER

Product origin : CHINA

  A waterbed, water mattress is a bed or mattress filled with water, using springs as with traditional mattresses.

The first waterbed was created in the early 19th century by Neil Arnott, a Scottish physician who wanted to create a mattress that would alleviate bedsores for invalids. The design was a simple one consisting of rubber-impregnating canvas that was filled with bathwater. Neil Arnott did not patent his invention, so other quickly moved to create their versions and improve upon the design.

There are two kinds of waterbed mattress material, one is PVC, the other is Nature rubber water mattress. Our water mattress is just use the natural rubber.

One of the advantage of a Nature rubber water mattress is its easy cleaning. It is impossible for dirt and dead skin particles to penetrate and the cover mattress can be regularly washed.

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