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Water mattress for athletes

Brand : RUKER

Product origin : CHINA

Water mattress for athletes is more and more popular in the sports circle. Athletes have alwasy talked excitedly about the comfort of the water mattress.

Now the sports industry has a big problem, that is, how to make the athletes eliminate fatigue and restore strength in a short time, to ensure high quality training and competition. A reporter learned from the National Sports Commission understand that the water mattress for athletes has unique function to solve this problem. World champion, gymnastics princeLi xiaoshuang said: " The men's gymnastics team has a lot of training every day, the athletes are completely exhausted and the whole body muscle ache and weakness at the end of the day. If there is not enough rest, If there is not enough rest, it will affect the training and competition on the next day. Since we used the water mattress for athletes, I feel the whole body muscles get relaxed, sleep quality is particularly high and I feel fighting fit again. Now I have been inseparable from the water mattress for athletes."




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