Now that the waterbed has become more and more established as a healthy, comfortable sleeping system, you can find “water sleepers”in all strata of society.

Ruker waterbed mattress consists of waterbed mattress and waterbed heater.

Ruker waterbed mattress is safe, natural and durable: water as filler is natural and healthy; natural rubber is sued and coating technology is adopted; the strong inner structure makes it ultra durable.

Ruker waterbed mattress is good for allergies. Because our waterbed mattress is composed of a natural rubber material, there are no fibers for dirt, dust and other debris to settle. As a result, waterbeds are ideal for allergy sufferers. It is also relatively easy to clean, requiring only a cloth and cleaner to wipe it down. Since the mattress is so easy to clean, dust mites do not have a chance to accumulate either, which can help reduce the incidence of allergic reactions, eczema and asthma as well.

Water heater: Ruker waterbed mattress is heated using carbon fiber material. Temperature is controlled via a thermostat and can be set to personal preference realizing cool in summer and warm in winter. Far infrared ray generated from the heating process can improve blood circulation and metabolism. The blankets have passed SAA, TUV, CE and CQC certificates.

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