Waterbeds mattress for Bedsores

Waterbeds mattress for BedsoresWaterbeds mattress for Bedsores

When a person is confined to a bed or wheelchair for a long period of time, extra pressure is exerted on certain parts of the body. Many different afflictions can affect the aged, and if bedridden, using a waterbed rather than a conventional mattress can help greatly to increase comfort.

Whatever the reason you're considering sleeping on water, we're sure you'll love the comfort.  Normally a person shifts his position often enough to relieve these pressure points and maintain proper blood flow. However, people that are confined to a bed or wheelchair due to chronic illness have constant pressure exerted at these points, causing ulcers.

Through the use of a water mattress, a person can prevent the formation of decubitus ulcers. Patients who have already formed ulcers can expect more rapid healing when switched to a water mattress. This healing may be up to three times faster than without the use of a water surface.

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